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Our ColourFutures™ team predicts colour in two ways Colour Families and key Lifestyles Themes or Colour Trends.

The Colour Families are a collection of colours that fit into the same hue, for example a collection of reds. These Colour Families form the building blocks of the key Lifestyle Themes. A Theme is a colour collection that draws on colours from several of the Families that work together to reflect trends in the style.
Growing Respect embodies the reconnection to our natural environment, as reflected in a palette that balances the weathered mid-tones of bark, shale, rust and mustard with the paler botanical shades of pollen, apple and moss. A mix and match approach with keeps the mood light and contemporary but it also contains a comforting element of retro fun.
Ebb & Flow is inspired by molecular aspects of water in terms of its movement, colour and reflectivity and its ability to carve out organic forms of great sculptural complexity and beauty. The palette is composed of an array of aqueous pales and mid-tones contrasted by subtle, dappled deeps and touches of light reflecting clarity.
Art Form is inspired by the Modernist movement of the last century and Bauhaus in particular. The palette is introspective and restrained, sophisticated and expressive, but never cold. Warm dusty greys are offset by hits of yellow –lemon, mustard and mimosa. Their use is disciplined and the overall effect is one of seamless, open and welcoming simplicity that offers a visually challenging concept of stillness.
The expression of Hidden Beauty is refined and restrained, respecting natural forms and materials but always imbued with an allure of feminine beauty. The palette combines the rich and sensuous desert reds, brick and corals with the delicate shades of sand, pearl, chiffon and shell. Skin tones, nudes pinks and rich browns give a new take on the neutral palette.
Journeys whether geographical, spiritual or cultural are the focus of the Explorer theme. The palette perfectly captures the diverse mixture of influences; sometimes plastic, sometimes natural, sometimes chalky. The hybrid nature of the palette explores new territory –colours with individual associations but used in new ways to expand our experience.
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